The new Civil Code of China and the Civil code of Quebec: commonalities and diverging approaches

, Faculté de droit de l'Université de Montréal, salle B-3245
18 octobre 2019

Chair : Professor Michel MORIN

13 :30 – 14 :15

1.     Property

  • Prof. Baoyu LIU: The Legislative Situation and Suggestions for Improvements of the Property Rights Volume of Chinese Civil Code 
  • Professor Hugo TREMBLAY: Special features of the Book on Property in the Civil Code of Quebec


2.     Intellectual Property 

  • Professor Tao QIAN: The Codification of Chinese Civil Law and Intellectual Property Law
  • Pierre LAROUCHE, Associate Dean, Development and Programs Quality: Intellectual Property and the Civil Law of Quebec


Health break


3.      Online publication of judgments

  • Professor Shenjian XU: Discussion on the Protection of Rights when All Judgements are made public online
  • Discussant: Doctor Yacong SHI
  • Discussant: Professor Vincent GAUTRAIS



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