DLT, Smart contracts and AI in the transactional lifecycle: general contract law issues

Joint UNCITRAL / UNIDROIT workshop, Roma (Italia) Lien vers l'événement
6 mai 2019

The “operational” panel would touch upon specific operations and how DLT, smart contracts and AI would fit in the realm of traditional contract law, from the point of view of general contract law (including the relationship with other fields such as torts)

Chair: Professor Giusella Finocchiaro (University of Bologna)


  • Dr Mateja Durovic (Kings College London)
  • Professor Houman Shadab (New York Law School)
  • Professor Vincent Gautrais (University of Montreal)
  • Dr Nikita Aggarwal (Oxford)
Mis à jour le 12 avril 2019 à 20 h 18 min.