LAW6455 Winter 2009

Each student needs to produce 2 different posts dealing with one of 8 themes treat in the DRT 6455. A post is a short paper with the following characteristics :
- around 1 page ;
- about an original subject ;
- about a subject that made the headlines in the near future ;
- with hyperlinks ;
- with reference to a new law, new jurisprudence or new paper (with some legal reference).
Better posts will be published under student name at
BEWARE : posts need to be given to professor not after January 31th, 4PM

During each lesson, students are encourage to actively participate to discussion by asking question or proposing some comments. An active contribution to discussion needs that readings would be read before the class.

14 readings are proposed for students. Each of you needs to choose 2 of them and produce 2 opinions (between 3 to 5 pages each) – YOUR OWN position – by explaining why it is a good document or not.
BEWARE : opinions need to be give to professor not after January 31th, 4PM

The final paper is a document of around 15-20 pages dealing with one of the following subject :
- SUBJECT 1 = « Technological Neutrality »
- SUBJECT 2 = « Email Evidence »
- SUBJECT 3 = « From shrinkwrap to Browsewrap : eContract evolution »
- SUBJECT 4 = « Web 2.0 Law : is it different ? »

BEWARE : Final paper needs to be given to professor not after January 31th, 4PM

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