LAW6455. E-Commerce Law

Is IT law a different law in comparison with more traditional business law? If this question may be considered as a quite theorical issue, IT law represents some new practical perspectives that lawyers or business managers involved in eCommerce need to be aware too.
The growth of the Internet has spurred the development of electronic commerce and people are more and more buying and selling goods and services online, either directly or with the help of electronic agents. Firms are increasingly doing business online and new forms of commercial co-operation are emerging. These transactions have or may bring about legal consequences for the parties involved as well as third parties such as online intermediaries.
The present course concentrates on Canadian and Quebec law but will propose a comparison with European Union, United States and China too. In fact, considering the international and innovation perspective of Internet, it is important to see foreign development in other countries too.
The different themes taken up in this course (for an equivalent of 2 credits) may be summed up with the following key words :

  • electronic commerce
  • self regulation
  • security
  • electronic contract
  • IP protection
  • privacy protection
  • electronic agents
  • signature / writing / original
  • intermediary liability
  • web 2.0
  • cybercrime
  • etc.

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