Panel urges more transparency for secretive Quebec (, The Lawyers Weekly, 2 décembre 2016)
Quebec, once a pioneer in the movement toward greater government transparency, is now among the most secretive provinces in Canada after successive provincial governments introduced more than 150 legislative exemptions that undermined the province’s access to information legislation, according to a recently published comprehensive report by Quebec’s Commission d’accès à l’information.
With Quebec ranking 10th out of 14 jurisdictions in Canada, and 57th in the world, behind Hon- duras and Romania, the government should overhaul its legislation to compel all public bodies, even those partially financed by the province, to be subject to the access to information law, noted the 214-page, five-year report that issued 67 recommendations. The commission, which also oversees privacy legislation, also called on the government to beef up privacy protection measures.
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